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EvanEraTV & I filmed fun educational videos about magic tricks & kitchen pranks for you to do with your friends & family! Check out my vlog from today, link is above!

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Kitchen ideas in this video:
1. Chocolate Milk Prank 0:23
2. Coca-Cola Soft Drink Prank 2:28
3. Peed My Pants Prank 3:28
4. Eggs Kitchen Prank 4:26
5. Pepper Prank 4:56
6. Redneck Prank 6:25
7. Kitchen Cabinet Snake Prank 8:12
8. Frozen Kitchen Knives Prank 9:04
9. Freezing Kitchen Towels Prank 9:41
10. Hot Pepper Lips Prank 10:02

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All the content in this video is published strictly for comedic relief. The following pranks are performed by professionals. howtoPRANKitup does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Prank at your own risk.

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