47 Auto Insurance Savings Tips — Guaranteed Steps To Dirt Cheap Car Insurance Rates Pt 5

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This is a long series and is broken into multiple parts. This is last part. Let’s continue where we stopped in part four of our time-tested savings tips series…

Tip #38. Participate in a defensive driving course. Besides turning you into a much safer driver, it will get you a rebate from your insurer once this type of course is acknowledged by them.

Tip #39. Take it upon yourself to ask your agent about all the discounts available to you with your chosen insurance provider. Your agent may, choose to not tell you about some discounts that you qualify for. The only way to ensure it’s false in your case is by taking the time to ask your agent to list out every discount that your preferred insurance carrier gives. You might have a really pleasant surprise!

Tip #40. Make sure your VIN is accurate

You might be overcharge is your the VIN (vehicle identification number) of your car is entered incorrectly. While this might NOT be through any fault of yours, you might still get more expensive rates due to a mistake like this.

Therefore, double check to ensure your vehicle’s VIN is accurate on your car insurance policy. It’s nothing complicated but could save you a lot of dollars.

Tip #41. Marriage is a thing that will do your vehicle insurance costs a world of good. That holds true even if you can’t just set off to marry just with this as your target. Insurance carriers have statistical evidences that show that individuals are less reckless and much more cautious on the road when they get married.

Tip #42. Modifying your vehicle does NOT help if you need lower rates. Doing such reduces your car’s safety and, thus, warrants higher rates.

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Tip #43. Before you get overly enthusiastic with the few hundreds you will save on your new house, check if it will not cost you considerably more in auto insurance. Do you know that houses within the same areas might actually fall into different risk zones according to the insurance industry’s mapping? So, in your home-buying routine, check how this area may affect your auto insurance costs.

I understand: That is not typically a problem if you are buying a residential property but it really is crucial. But think about it: If your new zip code adds up to $300 to your yearly car insurance premiums, how much might that add up to at the end of your 30-year mortgage?

Tip #44. Never leave your car unlocked and running when you have to dash in to get something. This can be an open invitation to any robber sniffing around. Don’t forget, they look for easy targets. And what could possibly be simpler than a vehicle that is ready to be driven off — It takes only seconds.

Tip #45. An alternative for you is to use your parents’ car insurance policy. Your parents certainly belong to a lower risk age bracket.

There are two things you must do for this to be possible: The car must be registered in your parents’ name and you must live with them. If you want to own your car, then be the big boy or girl and also own the costly premiums. Sorry, you cannot have both with this alternative. However, you can still make huge savings by going to the link at the end of this video.

Tip #46. Opt for a “green” vehicle!

The effects of global warming are real and the government is doing everything to mitigate its acceleration. So as an incentive to make the public buy vehicles that are friendly to the environment, many auto insurance carriers give cheaper car insurance rates to owners of such vehicles.

Yes, you can’t go out to buy a new vehicle just because you want cheaper rates but if you are in the market for a new car, note that going green will help you save on insurance.

Tip #47. Do extensive comparison shopping.

The difference in rate quotes from different insurers for the exact coverage type can range from a few dollars to over a thousand. There are a host of different insurers and the more thorough you are in getting a wide variety of rate quotes, the better your chances of making bigger savings.

Take advantage of quotes sites and you will be able to compare quotes from multiple insurers at the same time.

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