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Phen375 – Fighting Weight Loss With Potent Formula

Phen375 is a weight loss supplement with a smart composition that was first introduced in 2009. Since then, it has helped so many people worldwide in getting rid of extra pounds and reach their weight loss goals safely. From thousands of positive reviews submitted by happy customers, looks like it’s safe to say that Phen375 is definitely one of the top weight loss supplements available today.

Product Overview

This weight loss supplement is produced by RDK Global, a leading dietary supplement manufacturer in California. The formula itself is a modification of the Phentermine, a diet pill that was once very popular over a decade ago. Phentermine worked very well in helping people lose weight quickly, but it was banned by the FDA in 2002 due to some severe side effects.

Phen375 is created to be as effective as Phentermine but without its adverse side effects. Sometimes it makes people a little hesitate to try this supplement, but you don’t have to worry because it’s manufactured in FDA approved labs, so it’s guaranteed to be safe.

Every package contains 30 servings for one-month supply. Some people consider it to be a bit expensive when compared to some other diet supplements, but it all comes down to the effectiveness of the product. It’s much better to spend money on a bit expensive but effective product rather than wasting it on a useless product that provides no positive results.

Phen375 Formula

As mentioned before, Phen375 is made by based on an old formula of a banned supplement. Aside from its adverse side effects, the formula was actually very effective, that’s why RDK Global was working hard to re-create the formula, making it safe while retaining its effectiveness. Today, thousands of users have proven that Phen375 is not only effective, but also very safe to consume.

Here are the main ingredients of Phen375:

L-Carnitine – It helps your body to release fat hidden within the fat storage into the bloodstream. This makes the fat becomes easily accessible for your body to burn.

Trimethylxanthine – This is another name for Caffeine. This ingredient is found in many weight loss supplements due to its effectiveness in boosting the metabolism. Caffeine can stimulate the need of your body for more energy, thus it will burn more calories.

Dimethylpentylamine – Commonly used in supplements for bodybuilding, ADD/ADHD, athletic performance and also weight loss. Extracted from geranium flower, this ingredient enhances the calorie burning in your body and makes sure none of them left to be stored as fat.

EurycomaLongifolia – This ingredient has excellent fat burning properties while preventing the loss of muscle tissue. So it will only attack the bad cells without causing you lose strength.

Capsaicin – This Capsicum extract is really effective in enhancing blood circulation. It improves the effectiveness of the formula by targeting all cells where fats are stored.

All Natural and Safe

All ingredients in this supplement are natural and completely safe without causing any adverse side effects, just quick and effective weight loss.

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