Call To The Hockey Gods: Toronto Maple Leafs 2016-17 Pump (HD)

A 2016-17 Season Tribute-Montage…. for the Toronto Maple Leafs .. and the Management, Coaching & Scouting staffs…

….I think that we are headed into a new and great era..,
fellow Beleafers…..!

Clips include: MANY, assorted 2015-16 clips of the Toronto Maple Leafs … ; 1st NHL Goal clips from: Nylander; Brown; Hyman; Froese; Leipsic & Soshnikov..; 1st Leaf Goal clips from: Corrado; C. Carrick; Marincin; .. (and a few others).; a clip from Sparks 1st NHL game & *1st NHL shut-out..; clips from some of our new prospects, who might make the team…l a few other surprises.. … and various other 2015-16 season photos & clips….

Thanks to all my photo, video & music friends.. and to..
HALFORD.., for the great LIVE! version, of this Classic Judas Priest song…..!

*Y-T EDITOR: This song is my own personal version and is cleared for world-wide viewing, other than Germany.. (re: You-Tube music policies page).. and was also used on one of my earlier videos.. Thank you…

*Please ADD my channel to your favorites.. and give this video a LIKE.., if you enjoy my work.. I don’t like to clutter up the videos by putting pop-ups in them.., so I say this in here…. Thanks, so much..!! …And WELCOME.., to all the new subscribers..!!


All of the videos done for this profile are for the sole purpose of free entertainment and TML Fan Pump only… and no monies and/or any other profits are made from any of them… I am also not in any Partnership Programs.., nor do I subscribe to sites /programs that give you free hits & views… I do not claim rights to the individual video clips and/or the music used… and please read my ABOUT ME section in here for more.. Please message me with any concerns.. I am a mature adult who was also a song-writer /musician.. Thank you….

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