Crazy Hockey Parents

There’s loving and supporting parents and then there’s these crazy hockey parents… I would hate to be one of the kids who’s parents would act like this.

This channel focuses on hockey videos ranging from personal clips to the NHL compilations. I don’t do boring top 10’s because those are based on personal opinions and we all know some hockey YouTuber’s know very little about hockey. I also don’t do anything that has to do with the word “best” in the title. I do strictly hockey compilations based on one topic. So no “NHL Best Goalie Fights”, it would be called “NHL Goalie Fights”. I try my best to look for a wide range of clips so you’re not stuck watching a 10 minute video that only has a few clips. However, I do make long videos sometimes that barely have clips due to the clips being longer so the viewers who many not know about the clip will be filled in. Please feel free to critique the videos and let me know if I need to change something! If you would like to see a certain video feel free to leave a request in the comments or reach out to me on the Facebook page. Thank you for watching the videos!


Not sure if people actually read the description, but I will put this out there anyways just in case someone does… I would like to start putting subscriber videos for the clickable links at the end of the video. If you would like to have your own video featured please send me a link to your video in the comment section below.

Check out these videos:

NHL Goalies Getting Hit:
NHL Goalies Getting Hit Part 2:
NHL Goalies Getting Hit Part 3:
NHL Goalies Getting Hit Part 4:
NHL Goalies Slashing Players:
NHL Goalies Pucks to Mask:
NHL Goalies Breaking Sticks:
Goalies Windmill Glove Saves:
NHL Goalies Cartwheel Saves:
Goalies Behind the Back Saves:
NHL Broken Skates:
Pucks Lost in Goalie Equipment:
Center Ice Goals:
NHL Goals Off Face:
NHL Goalie Assists:
NHL Knee on Knee:
NHL Blocked Shots:
NHL Losing Teeth:
NHL Sticks Stuck:
NHL Water Bottle Goals:
NHL Coaches Hit by Puck:
Goalies Trying to Score:
NHL Cut by Skates:
NHL Pucks to Face:
NHL Trolling the Opponent:
NHL Spearing:
Goalies Trying to Score Part 2:
NHL Training Camp Fights:
NHL Trolling the Opponent Part 2:
NHL Trolling the Opponent Part 3:
Fans Taunting Goalies:
NHL Checked into Bench:
NHL Players who Battled Cancer:
NHL Missed Checks:
NHL Emotional Moments:
NHL Emotional Moments Part 2:
NHL Emotional Moments Part 3:
NHL Emotional Moments Part 4:
The Michigan Move Goals:
NHL Late Tying Goals :
NHL One Handed Goals:
NHL Behind the Net Goals:
NHL Faceoff Goals:
NHL Late Tying Goals Part 2:
NHL Between the Legs Passes:
Hockey Mascot Fails:
NHL Players Returning Home Tributes:
NHL Players Returning Home Tributes Part 2:
NHL Players Returning Home Tributes Part 3:
NHL 3-0 Playoff Series Comebacks:
NHL Jerseys Thrown on Ice:
NHL Jerseys Burned by Idiots:
NHL 4 Goals in a Game:
NHL 4 Goals in a Game Part 2:

If you are still reading comment “Worst type of hockey parents” in the comment section.

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