Facebook Insights 2016 Tutorial – Analyze Your Facebook Statistics For Optimal Facebook Marketing

Facebook Insights 2016 Tutorial – Analyze Your Facebook Statistics For Optimal Facebook Marketing

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This video tutorial on Facebook Insights will teach you how to use the new reports. The layout saw five major changes. On the overview page you now get a seven day snapshot of the most important activity on your page. On the page likes page you can now see your net likes over time and where those likes come from.

Facebook Insights tutorial 2015 will take you to a quick tour of the new Facebook Insights. On your admin panel you will see insights and when you go to “see all” you will see the complete view of the new insights. The first thing you will notice is that insights got a completely new redesign and everything is laid out in a completely different way. The four main reports stayed the same though: Overview, Page, Posts and People. You also now get a mini overview of each of these reports.

You see how many page likes you have and trend that is comparing the current week to last week by which you’ll see if your page is continuing to grow or not. The post reach overview is similar. It shows if the page got an increase or a decrease in reach and a comparison graphic that compares this week to the last. The engagement window shows when people like, comment or share your content. You also get to see Post clicks individually.

In all of individual reports there is a slider on the top which allows you to select the date range for your insights. In the page likes view you get to see the page growth over time, and if you click anywhere on the graph you’ll see all the posts that were published on that day. On the right of this report there is a benchmark report for Total page likes which is basically an average report for your page over time. Below that report there is the “Net Likes” report. You see exactly how many people are liking and unliking your page. If we go even further down we see another report and that is the “Where Your Page Likes Came From” report, which is basically pretty self-explanitory as to what it offers. The new addition here is the benchmark on the right.

When we switch to the post reach overview the first report is “Post reach”. You are able to see a breakdown of what traffic is organic and what portion of it is paid traffic. The next report on this page is the “Likes, comments and shares”. This shows how you have been doing on your likes, comments and shares and what makes it particularly useful is the benchmark to compare different timeframes to figure out page activity differences between dates. The next report is new and it is the “Hide, Reports as Spam and Unlikes” report. You used to have to export this data but now it’s conviniently in a report which also includes the benchmark section. The last report on this page is the “Total reach” report. It is all the people that saw anything at all from you page and it’s self-explanitory.

The next in line is the “page visits” page. The first report will tell you what tabs people are looking at when they are on your page. The next report is Other page activity which will tell you about mentions, posts on your page, checkins and offers purchased. The last report on this page is the “external referrers” report. It show you exactly where your external traffic is coming from and this is one of the most under-utilized reports in the entire insights.

Now we’ll look at the posts reports. The first report will show you all the posts you have published in the last two months on your Facebook Page. The interesting columns are reach and engagement. You can break out reach and engagement. You can compare organic versus paid reach and Fans versus Non fans. When breaking down engagement you can look at engagement rate as a percent; negative comments; and likes, comments and shares. Now we’ll look at the when your fans are online report. It shows you what time of day is best for posting. The best post types report shows you some useful data but you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

The people reports are looking at three different types of people: your fans, people reached and people engaged. They are all pretty similar and should be quite easy to understand.

This Facebook insights tutorial 2015 will teach you all about Facebook insights 2015 and Facebook statistics 2015. You will learn exactly how to analyze Facebook insights for Facebook marketing 2015. By using Facebook page insights you will get all the Facebook statistics you need. This Facebook marketing & social media marketing online business training tip or of you wish tips will show you how to use Facebook data similarly as Nathan Latka and Marija Hamed. The video is a great online education tutorial on Facebook data with Facebook Insights.

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