Facebook Insights Guide

Need help using Facebook Insights? This simple video will walk you through what you need to know in order to use facebook insights effectively.

This video talks about how to use the Facebook Insights dashboard and the facebook insights tool. If you are managing your companies brand page then understanding how these insights and analytics works is crucial.

The information that you are able to get from facebook post insights can help you better target your audience and nail down a conversion plan to take them from visitor to paying customer.

If you have questions, ask our team to help you understand how to better use this powerful tool to engage, connect and interact with your audience.

If your business needs help managing your social media and email marketing, contact our team and we will develop a free 12 month marketing plan for you.

This simple Facebook Insights guide is a tutorial on how to use the Facebook insights to monitor progress on your Facebook business page. This video will have Facebook Insights Explained in just a few minutes.

I go through the exact process that I use when viewing my Facebook Insights and tell you what to look for when you are evaluating the growth of a Facebook Business Page.

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