Fitbit Charge HR Activity Monitor Detailed Overview Review Including App Why Buy Over Apple Watch

This is an overview of the FitBit HR activity monitor and shows you why I chose it over other trackers like Garmin, Microsoft Fitness Band, Jawbone and the Apple Watch.

Most reviews go on about how the Fitbit Charge HR isn’t a serious fitness aid and its heart rate monitoring isn’t as accurate as a chest strap. But I think they miss the point. This is an aid to help the average person be more active. It’s an easy way of logging the most basic form of activity: Steps.

But the Fitbit HR does a lot more. It acts as a watch, a steps tracker, a sleep tracker, a heart rate monitor, how many flights of steps you’ve climbed, how many calories you’ve burned and more.

The iphone app (also available on Android) , which is rarely covered in the same review is what really make the Fitbit HR worth buying. It gives you logs of your activity over time and also lets you track weight, food and water intake and more. Whilst in each area there may be more advanced apps, Fitbit shines in that all is under one app.

Vs Apple Watch, Fitbit HR concentrates purely on activity. It’s light, sturdy, lasts 5 days on one charge and also tracks your sleep. It’s much cheaper than Apple watch too. Apple watch does a lot more of course, but the texts and constant notifications looked too distracting to me.

What Fitibit HR is good at is helping you track how active you’ve really been. In today’s busy world I find it hard to figure out how active I’ve been. Fitbit takes that problem away. By the touch of a button I can see how many steps I’ve taken and if it’s lower than I expect it encourages me to move around and correct the lack of movement.

I purchased the Fitbit from my own money and have not been sponsored by anyone. My review is purely to help others get more active and understand in my opinion who this activity monitor is made for.

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