FitBit Charge HR vs Surge [Review AND Tutorial]

The FitBit Charge HR and the FitBit Surge are both great smart watches that may be a good alternative to the Apple Watch. In this video David will review and also give a full tutorial on how to use both products.

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For those of you who have been subscribers for more than a few months you may remember back to this past holiday season when I would not make a recommendation for a smart watch. The reason for that was because I knew about three products that were in production that got me really excited about them. Two of those three are now available; The FitBit Charge HR, the FitBit Surge, and the Apple watch which as of today is not yet available. Today in this video I’ll give you a review of both of the fitbit products and why you might want to consider them over the Apple Watch as well as give you a tutorial of how to set it up. Thats what you can expect next on PC Classes Online.

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