Fitbit flex – What the light patterns mean

The fitbit flex has a number of light patterns, using the 5 LED lights to indicate a number of features or information while using the tracker.

We will take a quick look at what they mean.

Goal Tracking: To see where you are with your daily goal, just double tap the fitbit flex and each LED light will represent 20% of your goal.

Sleep Mode: to put your flex into sleep mode, start tapping above the LED display. You will see 2 LED lights at each end of the display. To remove from sleep mode tap again the same way until all 5 LED lights up.

Charging: Same deal as your daily goal, each LED when plugged into your charger represents 20% of the charge.

Firmware updates: If it happens during a sync that a software update is installing, you will see the LED lights scroll side to side.

Alarms: finally, when you have a silent alarm go off, the center LED will light up.

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