GO LEAFS GO anthem | Azeem Haq feat. Dudsymil & The Leafs Nation

The anthem your Toronto Maple Leafs deserve! Presenting ‘Go Leafs Go’, celebrating 100 years of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey. Featuring a gritty, rocking guitar riff, an in-your-face, powerful flow from hip-hop lyricist Azeem Haq, and backed by hype lyrics from reggae artist Dudsymil.

Stand up, Toronto. The youth movement is now in effect.

Song Produced and Written by Azeem Haq
Video created by Ryan Daramsing

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YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/azeemhaqmusic
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/azeemhaqmusic

‘GO LEAFS GO’ song lyrics.


Toronto in the building,
ACC how’s everybody feeling?
A hundred years strong,
Time to rebuild, it’s back to year one!

When you hear the glass shatter,
Auston 3:16 Matthews coming at em baby.
Andersen gonna answer them,
The fans are up cause it’s Hockey Night Up in Canada!


Toronto time to stand up,
Everybody get your hands up
From the front to the back
This is our game, everybody knows that.

Best believe you better respect the Leafs (X4)


Yeah we making history ,
Went ahead and got rid of those pieces that we didn’t need.
We’ve had enough, we want a taste of 67,
Yeah we want the cup.

Started in the Gardens
Now we starting from the bottom
And we goin to the top.
They said it can’t be done,
But we a hundred years strong,
Back to year one!



Kadri with the slap shot ,
Gardener to Marner, the wisdom from Babcock .
About to show the world who we are,
Nylander, Reilly, JVR.

It’s time to stand witness,
The boys in blue and white handling the business.
You know the game is over,
When Komarov comes by to pat you on your shoulder.


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