Golf Swing Analysis: Austin Cook

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At 5’7” and 160 lbs. Austin Cook is another example proving that you don’t have to be a bomber to win on the Tour. Precision will shoot low scores, especially on a course like the one at Sea Island, and Cook combined great ball striking with excellent putting and short game for a dominant win. There are a ton of Wayne D. preferences in Cook’s swing, as you will see in this video when we slow down his action. His backswing is stellar, moving right up the plane with the face opening in the second half, and he does a great job of maintaining his left wrist angle and keeping his left arm pinned across his chest while letting the right arm bend and add depth. The thing that really sets his swing apart is his hip movement, and you won’t see hips clear much faster than his while adding depth the whole time. He is as bent over and open at impact as anyone, and with his right arm maintaining its bend until after impact he has as nice a rotational swing as anyone you will see while utilizing a drive/hold release.

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