How to use Metamucil for FAST Weight Loss for Women & Men
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How to use Metamucil for FAST Weight Loss for Women & Men
We just put out a video showing you the advantages of using Metamucil fiber in our Saturday Morning Diet program. Metamucil® is different than clear-mixing fiber supplements, because it has psyllium fiber.

We mixed both Metamucil and the leading clear-mixing fiber, containing wheat dextrin, with the recommended amounts of water. We then added cooking oil, dyed red, to both, to represent cholesterol. The psyllium fiber found in Metamucil gels and traps the oil like a sponge. The clear-mixing fiber does not. That’s how Metamucil works in your body.

As the psyllium fiber enters your stomach, it forms a gel that traps and helps gently remove waste and some cholesterol. Clear-mixing fibers, like wheat dextrin, don’t work like this.

Compare fibers today, and choose the fiber supplement that gels, traps, and helps remove—Metamucil.
His this is Bill Loganeski from the Saturday Morning Diet bring you a a special program on Metamucil . You know some people come back to me and joike how can I be offering a laxative for a weight loss program. Metamucil is really not so much a laxative but a fiber supplement, that contains 1005 natural Psyllum giving you a unmatched range of health benefits. I am going to put on this video from them so you can see what they have to offer and how it actually works to reduce Cholesterol and other solids in your body. Metamucil is diefferent that other clear mixing because it has Psyllium fiber we mix Metamucil and the leading other fiber containing the substance in an ounce of water then add cooking oil to the Psyllium fiber and died red to both Metamucil jells and traps the oil like a sponge that how Metamucil works in your body when it enters your stomach it brings a jell that traps and helps remove Cholesterol and waste . Clear mixing fiber don’t work like this. Compare the fibers today and choice the fiber supplement that jells traps and remove, Metamucil, it’s different because it gels, traps and removes. because it gels, its Metamucil. Now the reason we recommend it really I am been using Metamucil for many years. It tastes like regular orange juice in the morning. It helps lower your Cholesterol and is great for your gastrointestinal The Psyllium fiber in Metamucil acts like a spoonge and traps some of the Cholesterol and gets rid of the inpurities in your system. And one of the things is that it also it gets you to drink more water, which is important. It moves this material through your body get it out before it turns into fat. I hope this been of some service to you. Because Metamucil is not paying me for this but , I do recommend it to all the guys and gals that are following the Saturday Morning Diet. Happy weight loss
It’s different because it gels. It’s Metamucil.

Bill and Joan Loganeski have discovered a meal replacement you can make at home for very little money and when combined with our Saturday Morning Diet plan it will help you lose the weight. The Saturday Morning Diet channel is our educational and information channel to help you use lose weight in a healthy way.
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