LG Urbane Watch vs LG g watch R review

LG watch Urbane review vs LG watch R, top smartwatches, LG G watch R and Urbane features, specs, how to use 5.1 update android wear, and top accessories and apps, moto 360 and samsung live are in my opinion good but LG offers better battery and smoother Android wear experience. for more info on watch – http://bit.ly/1JNlHMz
top watches-
LG Urbane watch, wifi, 1.2ghz 512 ram, ip67 waterproof, looks great.
Apple watch ,software, waterproof, smooth operation, sapphire lens.
Moto 360, looks great, 1st round smartwatch, works as it should
LG G watch R, 1.2ghz 512 ram, ip67 waterproof, looks great, sporty.
Asus Zen, slim, appealing to women, smooth operation.
Samsung live, features, at the time cutting edge, semi stylish
Samsung S watch, only smart watch to match a smart phone
pebble steel, pioneer for smart watches and stylish, battery 7 days.

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