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Welcome to Mini Golf – where I play an entire 18 holes of real mini golf vs. a friend at various courses! This time, we incorporate the Bean Boozled Challenge! The loser (person with the higher score) has to eat some beans and take the challenge!

Let’s play some miniature golf at this brand new location just south of downtown Pittsburgh. We use skill putts to try for hole in one and awesome trick shots! has all details of this awesome minigolf course!



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About Mini Golf:
Let’s play mini golf – FOR REAL! One of the very first channels on YouTube to feature an ENTIRE 18 holes of miniature golf game play with Matt3756 VS. a friend! Nothing faked or staged! Join us in this challenge as we explore different courses trying to do mini golf trick shots and trying to get a hole in one!

About Matt3756
I’m Matt Magnone, and I love everything about the ARCADE! Come with me as I hit up every Dave and Busters, Chuck E Cheese, ESPN Arcade and penny arcade I can find to play games and have fun! My favorite arcade game is the prize claw machine, but I can never say no to a coin push machine or crazy arcade game I have never seen before. Whether it’s a penny, quarter or nickel, I am in it for the JACKPOT! I may even give you some special tips and tricks so that you can hack arcade games and walk away a winner.

My dream is to entertain the world while making a positive difference, so come back and let’s see what cool things we can do together! New videos every week! Let’s Play!

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