PART 1. How to build & waterproof shower bench “seat” – installation from scratch – cement blocks. Hi everyone . In my new clip I am showing how to build, waterproof and install shower bench “SEAT” from scratch using concrete blocks. This method is one of the safest and most durable to build in a wet area. Before starting on a shower, tile or bathroom remodeling project it is a good idea to research on how it can be done This project was done in Alpharetta GA. I hope my video will be useful during your own bathroom projects. Feel free to ask mw any questions and leave comments. My tips 1) Don’t worry about the weight of concrete seat 2) Avoiding regular studs and even treated in constructing your seat (I have remodeled many showers that had wooden seat and always it was rotten, moldy or causing leaks) Michael — Tile Master Atlanta Visit my website for more great bathroom ideas — portfolio section.

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