Pixlr Tutorial Easy Way to Create Banners

Pixlr Tutorial – How to create header banners
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Skip Ahead:
Facebook Banner Size :50
Resize Image: 1:29
Copy Image Address 2:20
Copy Tool 2:55
Gradient Tool 3:50
Color Tool 4:25
Create New Layer 4:55
Add Text 5:30
Change Text Color 6:20
Layer Styles
Outer Glow 7:00
Drop Shadow 7:22
Upload Image 8:15
Remove Background 8:53
Eraser Tool 9:15
Reduce Image Size 10:30
Change Size Eraser Tool 11:00
Edit Undo 12:30
Free Transform 16:30
Outer Glow 16:50
Get Your Graphics Pack 17:50
Layered Image 19:00

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Are you a newbie marketer asking yourself if there’s an easy way to create banners? Creating graphics, headers, and banners are easy if you have previously taken a class in photoshop. For the newbie marketer with zero graphics experience where are you to turn when you don’t own expensive software?

You can create header and other graphics w/NO experience, NO technical skill, and NO artistic ability. Pixlr is a free online graphics tool that is easy to use and has tons of YouTube tutorials.

Click below to go to pixlr.

Watch this simple tutorial

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