Punchkick hands-on: Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit is taking charge of health and fitness with wearables—as athletes continue to push for tailored experiences, Fitbit continues to answer with products that help elevate their game. The Fitbit Charge HR is the latest device that has yet to hit the shelves. Today, we’ll have an exclusive first look at the Charge HR.

On first impression, the Charge HR looks and feels pretty sturdy. The rubber material doesn’t feel cheap, and it’s textured surface adds a nice detail. It’s made of elastomer, similar to what you see on most sports watches. Whereas previous Fitbit devices like the Charge and Flex had a two-pin locking system in the band, the Charge HR has a stainless steel buckle—a welcome added security feature. The tiny screen itself is an OLED display, and it seems relatively scratch-proof.

Moving through the interface itself is easy to do. There’s only one button! The button is unobtrusive, but it may feel a bit flimsy to some. Those wanting to take advantage of the heart rate feature and other metrics will most likely want to wear this around a lot. On a daily basis, this is totally feasible. It feels comfortable—it’s incredibly light and flexible on the wrist. Plus, the sleek and minimal design pairs well with different outfits and styles. And finally, a final touch on the device is actually a small detail, but smartly placed—the free loop on the watch band has a tooth to lock down the extra tail end of the strap.

The Charge HR’s interface is quick and responsive. The button selects through a set of metrics, and the icons for each are clear and intuitive to users. The display gives a daily snapshot of the time, number of steps taken, HR, distance walked, total calories burned, and the number of stairs climbed.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/1yyXsMh
[Update] Check out the Fitbit Surge here: http://bit.ly/1GfegdU

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