Screen Patti || SPN Khel Samachar – O.Rio Olympics Special

Just after the Rio Olympics India comes up with O.Rio Olympics in Gorakhpur with very desi and own kind of games. Watch the O.Rio Olympics Special edition of SPN Khel Samachar.

Directed by : Abhinav Anand & Aakash Kumar
Written by: Aakash Kumar & Abhinav Anand
Executive Producer : Arun Kumar
DOP: Kunal Hassanandani
Edited By: Amit Kulkarni
Art : Gourab & Samman
Graphics: Madhuri Rathi and Abhimanyu
Production Manager: Aanup Doshii
Costumes: Subhasmita
Social Media: Brijesh Muliya, Milan Barsopia, Dhananjay Nachar

Starring: Abhishek Yadav, Badri Chavan, Rohit Gauti

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