Sony Smartwatch 3 Review – Still a worthy contender!

A review of the still relevant Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50. Despite the recent announcements there is a lot to like about this different yet capable Android Wear smartwatch which features GPS and NFC – a definite for sports enthusiasts. What’s it like up against the Moto 360? Find out!

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Tuesday. As you’ve read above, this is the review of the Sony Smartwatch 3 which is still a good consideration for those entering the Android Wear game as it offers some great features, a comfortable design whilst coming in quite cheap.

Thank you to Mobilefun for loaning me the device – check it out here:
US –
UK –

Thank you so much for all the support and I’ll see you soon!


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As always, thank you. 😀

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