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As computing moves from our desktops to our phones, we look into the future to see how technology will become increasingly ingrained in our movements and our active lives. From the Nike Fuelband to Google Glass, consumers are already seeing hints of the future of wearable devices. They have the possibility to make us more knowledgeable about ourselves and our surroundings, and connect us with each other in an uninterrupted, more intimate way. From DIY wearables to high-tech sensors and smart fabrics, the years ahead will show how integrated technology can impact our lives for the better.

Sandy Pentland, MIT
Sabine Seymour, Parsons
Steven Dean, G51Studio
Becky Stern, Adafruit

Paloma – “To Be Alone” –
CMA Music – “Timeless” –
Yusuke Tsutsumi – “Birds Flying In The Dark” –
Kasbo – “Solitude” –
The Lights Galaxia – “While She Sleeps (Morning Edit)” –
Doyeq – “Train Travel” –
Alex Niubo – “Kalimba Song” –

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