The San Diego Padres: Professional Baseball’s Gruesome Experiment

Lolcow (n) – A person or group of people laughed at for actions that they take, despite not trying to be funny. They may try to take themselves seriously, but they are often “milked” for laughs with or without their knowledge.

Behold a team that captivated the baseball world about two-and-a-half years ago with their shopping spree acquisitions of big-name players. It ended up blowing up in the Padres faces. Who knew that “winning” the offseason means nothing at all?

Today, the Padres are paying penance for their gluttonous splurge that offseason. Millions of dollars of dead money and deliberate tanking are the punishments given. So what are the Padres like now? You don’t even want to know how grotesque they have become…

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