Top 10 Rio Olympics Mysteries SOLVED

The Rio olympics has arguably been one of the most controversial games of recent times. Along with the media attention, a number of mysterious practices and coincidences surrounding the games have come alight.
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➢ 10. Why do many athletes have cup shaped bruises?
➢ 9. Why is the diving pool green?
One of the strangest things to happen at the Olympics was the change of colour that occurred in the Olympic diving pool overnight following competition on Monday. What is particularly odd is that the adjacent water polo pool showed no signs itself of any problems at first. Credit:
➢ 8. Why don’t Olympic medal winners get flowers?
Usually winning Olympians are greeted with a bouquet of flowers on the podium, but those of you who are sharp may have noticed that this isn’t the case at Rio. Credit:
➢ 7. Why was the wall built?
According to the government, the wall acts as a sound barrier. However, the mystery as to why it was built is less likely to be about protecting citizens in the slum from noise, but rather, to hide them from foreigners. Credit:
➢ 6. Why is Rios Olympics’ cauldron so tiny?
Usually, the Olympic cauldron acts as a symbol of how grand the Olympics is, with each seeming to be larger than the next. Yet, the fire in rio is relatively dim. Credit:
➢ 5. Why do winning Olympians bite their medals?
This biting habit isn’t specifically about the Rio Olympics, but you’ve probably thought about this mystery before. In fact, it’s such an enduring mystery that even Olympic historians don’t understand it. Credit:
➢ 4. Is the Zika Virus a real reason to skip the olympics?
The Zika virus, which is a mosquito-borne virus can cause serious birth defects in the infants born to infected parents. Brazil and Rio in particular is one area of the world where there is some risk of contracting this virus. So much so that a number of athletes have refused to attend the Olympics. Credit:
➢ 3. Why do swimmers wear 2 caps?
You might have seen olympic swimmers removing their cap, only to reveal another one hidden under it… so, why is this? Well there are two main reasons for this. Credit:
➢ 2. Are 450,000 condoms enough?
Alright so this one is far less serious, but it’s sex-tremely interesting nonetheless. Apparently, the International Olympic Committee has provided 450,000 condoms to athletes who are likely to perform just as much exercise after their events as during them. Credit:
➢ 1. Is the Olympics even worth it?
Never has this question been more important than when considering the Rio Olympics. A majority of economists argue that making money from the games is simply wishful thinking. Credit:

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