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Healthy Weight Loss Tips
We’ve all been there — when you’re carrying extra pounds, losing weight can seem like a daunting task. But the rewards are sweet. The first time you can slide into your skinny jeans(you know, that pair we all save “just in case”)is a moment of pure personal triumph. The key is to sort through all the diet info out there and find out what honestly works. ZEEFITNESS.COM spoke with dietitians, weight loss coaches, personal trainers and real women who’ve lost the weight — and kept it off — to find out the 20 most important tips about healthy dieting.


1. Think lifestyle change, not diet

Cooking and Eating

2. Beware of refined sugar

3. Not all fat is bad

4. Eat breakfast

5. Feed your body regularly

6. Watch what you put on your food

7. Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks

8. Plan for eating out

9. Eat smaller portions

10. Avoid eating late at night

11. Drink water

The mental edge

12. Get your eight hours of sleep

13. Emotional eating

14. Keep a food journal

15. Get support

16. Stick to your guns

17. If you fall off the wagon, get back on


18. Combine cardio and weights

19. Break it up

20. Challenge yourself

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